Hempfield grad Andrew Yoder’s goal is to give back to triathlon community

Andrew Yoder knows very well what it means to feel grateful. Has known it for quite some time, in fact.

Yet for all the gratitude in his heart, there’s also a place where regret lives. Which, of course, only makes him human. But it doesn’t mean he’s going to waste time living in that place.


UMN grad student tackles triathlons in her free time

At the University of Georgia, Rachel Zilinskas was a seven-time All-American long distance swimmer who competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic trials. After tearing her rotator cuff her sophomore year, she knew that swimming would not last forever.


Hempfield grad Andrew Yoder has quickly become a top triathlon coach

Many folks may have spent their Saturday morning indoors watching the Royal Wedding on TV. Meanwhile, a few hundred other brave souls gathered in the rain on the beach of Mount Gretna Lake in Lebanon County. They were there to partake in the 15th annual Got the Nerve? Triathlon – a 500-yard swim, 16-mile bike ride and 3.1-mile run…


Strength in numbers

“I get more joy from seeing my athletes succeed than any success I’ve ever had.”

In a single sentence, Andrew Yoder sums up not only what he’s like as a trainer, but why he feels so called to the work he does. Andrew began competing as a professional triathlete when he was just 20 years old, racing both nationally and internationally…