A commitment to the athlete and their journey through the sport.

Yoder Performance was started to provide real triathlon coaching and give back to a sport that has given me so much. Throughout my years racing as a professional triathlete, I have grown through success and failure, injury and times of strength, and through mentorships of my own. Absorbing all of my experiences, I have developed my methodology based on the fundamentals of simplicity and consistency. Triathlon success derives from doing the fundamentals right, committing to the process, and taking joy in your journey. I take the utmost accountability in my role as coach and my objective is to provide steadfast dedication to every one of my athletes. I believe triathlon is a sport for all and every athlete has their own reason for taking on its challenges. My coaching is dynamic and inquisitive; always striving for betterment through commitment to the process. My role is to assist and guide; to encourage and be patient; and to instigate positive change and belief in goals that were once thought unattainable.


To provide effective coaching, I incorporate athlete feedback and observation to assess and coach my athletes. I prioritize communication and constant vigilance to progress each athlete appropriately. Patience and listening skills are critical to fully understanding what the athlete needs and how to manage their training. I believe that coaching is much more than simply writing a training program. Coaching is about the daily process, decision making, and professional oversight to enable the athlete to reach their goals.

Compassion and consideration

I love coaching because of my drive to make meaningful impact in others lives. My goal is to empathetic and constant in the care for my athletes. Although I demand a high level of commitment and discipline from all of my athletes, I strive to be in tune to how my athletes are feeling and what may be happening outside of training. Compassion and consideration of athlete’s needs are fundamental to my coaching methods.

about me


Andrew Yoder is a professional triathlon coach based in Lancaster, PA. He has developed his own unique training methodology based on knowledge gained over a decade of professional racing and integrating learnings from his experiences with the best minds in triathlon.